Friday, 21 October 2011

50 Cent to Donate 1 Billion Meals for Hunger

Fiddy Cent hasn't dropped a classic track in what feels like years, but the man is doing bigger and better things. More of an entrepreneur these days 50 has created an empire for himself through business endeavours such as his vitamin water brand called Formula 50 who's parent company Glaceau was then purchased by Coca-Cola for $4.1 Billion. While the piles of money he sleeps on every night is a testament to his nose for business and work ethic, 50 also uses his star power to give back. One of his latest business ventures is a new energy drink product called Street King, and has teamed up with United Nations Food Program to provide a meal for each 'Like' he receives on his Street King Facebook page. Just to reiterate, 50 is not asking for donations, for each 'Like' his new energy drink receives, he will provide a meal as part of his worldwide effort to end famine relief. In an attempt to reach the ultimate goal of providing 1 billion meals, 50 Cent will additionally donate 1 meal for each Street King energy drink he sells over the next 5 years. His short term goal is to have received 1 million Facebook 'Likes' by Sunday, which if achieved will feed another 1 million hungry children on top of the 1 million already committed to through 'Likes'. Don't be an asshole by not following the link to his Street King page, this is one of the best charitable campaigns out there and doesn't require a personal donation so here it is: Facebook Street King Page, along with a video message from 50 himself once you follow. 50 Cent is most definitely Keepin' It Fresh on a whole other level, Beast Mode status.

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